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Related article: Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 16 44th 16 -0700 ( PDT ) From: David Ascher u003cdascher60 yahoo. com u003e Subject: As with my father n This is entirely a work of fiction. If you want to contact me to can in dascher60 yahoo. com ~ ~ V As with my father Chapter 1 I have to get up early, just when it rains. My room was almost dark, but does not end. I heard my father move to her room to go to the bathroom , that sort of thing, but I still did not know that my eyes open, but closed again and drifted. I knew he was in my room you come to check the rain, it always does. My father is a general contractor, so does the time is Pedo Toplist a big problem for him. I to be back, because suddenly I was standing at attention drift next to my bed, as it always does, looking out the window. I not have thought that he really look into his eyes and opened it, because I like to see her naked. It was only a few meters away from and I, as always, observed °and rain. This time it would Pedo Toplist have fallen hand, and at first I could not explain what he did, but then I realized , who was stroking his cock. It was not a big deal of it. was more like he did without thinking, like kids do times. It is there, so keep and cherish. I saw your fist up and down slowly. I'm not even sure I was fully awake, only s sort of dull in this state, if you're awake in the first. But I became this slow wave of his hand moved up and down his cock got hard. I actually had my father 's cock hard before, as seen for the first time in the in the morning walking naked in the shower or in the kitchen pouring n to himself a cup of coffee. He has a very nice cock and every time the I saw it I wanted to touch it. Then, for some reason, I looked into his face. He looked at me, and then smiled in a friendly manner. He said nothing, only smiled, , and then looked at his cock. Then, AlmTHIS slowly let his cock s bend a little, put his hand stroking his cock gently on my face. He did not drive and would not cut my oxygen or anything, but the smell of his cock, smell and touch it was so strong and thick, almost a second later I found myself licking n the palm of your hand. He gave me that for a few seconds, and then has moved his hand slowly down my throat and my chest, almost a caress, , and then slowly lower still. His fingers moved over my belly warm and with my pubic hair and then slid under my eggs until they touched my hole and I was looking all the time in your beautiful face. All my body was stiff, and when his fingers touch my hole, my cock know that I once it Pedo Toplist was hard, started shooting. Moved My body shivered and shook in orgasm the hardest thing he had met while the middle finger was in small circular massage my hole. If my body finally settledleaned over and kissed me, kissed her on reality me. It was my first real kiss someone and I felt incredibly lucky he was it. His lips were hot on my tongue and when pushed to their in the mouth that felt like my body was a fundamental change in how I somehow went from being a small child and pushed her on the way of an adult. He knelt beside my bed, his face almost the same height as me, but not find your hands off of my hole. I kissed her again, but this time was easier, just a kiss on the lips. He said quietly : "That musta Pedo Toplist felt pretty good. " I nodded. He smiled and said, " I'm glad to help. " then got up and said he would take his shower. For the rest of the time we were home together, it was like a normal morning. Fixed my breakfast before going to work, as it always does. Before leaving went and kissed my forehead, as he always does. He kept his hand on his neck and said, "Have ahello in school and remember you have to help me through the night Pedo Toplist the site. I will turn from school and get it if you did. It was " What did you pick me up and bring me home to change in my dirty clothes and help him clean up the site. Dad was the construction of a small center commercial and a few once a week, he and I would go there at night, for cleaning. trades, electricians, carpenters and y plumbers had been working all day and usually the out of trouble. do not know if he believes that what happened this morning was a great thing o no, but was not sure act like it did. but even if not said s all I knew was important and also knew he could not say, anything to anyone. not know about him, but had trouble getting n that the finger of my head. n All day I thought of two things, as his cock as he looked lazily stroked she and her fingers as she felt circles on my ass. pushed me mentallymy butt down on the finger so often that at the time that I collected, I was pretty crazy. I think it should say something about me and my dad. First, is him and me because my mother died Pedo Toplist when I was a little kid straight. I've been guessing This is very bad for him, but I was too young to remember that by the time I 'm old enough to think seriously that it was seemed to be everywhere. The other thing about it and I 've always been close and , meeting all sorts of things. Almost everything is either a done for us, we could have done together. Well, except for rhythm and things like , at least so far. Another thing about my father that looks pretty good. He is not real age from working in construction since he was a child like me, is in very good shape. He looks very hot in his Levi 501 and a blue work shirt. When wearing a blue shirt that really does its job blue eyes to appear. his hAir is a kind of sand color and is always there s always a cut behind the hair, it's always messy. I'm pretty much in demand throughout the day, if sex was with my father in the process happen again. I seemed to jump back and forth from a safe full that has had, even to wonder about if I misinterpreted what s really going to be this morning. Anyway, after he picked me up and gave me my moved, we went to the site and cleaned. I had this plan to stay, because I think as close as possible, which may help the , but it did not work Sun two brooms took his truck and sent me the other side of work, while working the other. I saw it almost does not receive much less is an opportunity Pedo Toplist to do something. Finally, after a few hours, we rolled out the drums bass, which was filled with garbage, so that they could be picked up in the morning. He approached me and took out a $ 20 bill from his pocket and got into my jEANS pocket. "Thanks, Jeff, I could not do without you. " He always says exactly that. "Why do not we stop to buy something to eat and then go home. I have lots of to make the book. " My father has a lot of different accounts, but never seem to follow what always ends up on the books to do it myself. It not like a giant general contractor companies. It's just a small family the company, one of my grandfather, my father's father belonged. " We were arguing back and forth over the pizza, burgers or the choice of my father, grilled chicken n cattle. No, but does not always work. Pedo Toplist We stopped at the supermarket and bought one of those fried chicken and mashed containers potatoes and coleslaw. maybe it was not my first choice, but I love. my father hates to wash dishes, so I volunteered and offered, he smiled at me. "Thanks ! I knew in your heart that you were a good boy! " I do not always voluntary, but tonight, because he was to take place there while working on a book few hours, I thought that was the least he could do. dad took a shower and put on shorts and shirt and went to work on your computer, while I took my shower. Our living room is very large because is supposed to be a dining room. There always seem to use as a dining room and if this end of the room was given to dads business. His desk is there, along with a couple of files and your computer. It is really our family computer because I use it. I Pedo Toplist spent all night getting on the couch, watching TV, while fact, looked at him and wondered what I had to do something so that happen. Sometimes I ran to her desk and leaned on his chair with the hope that I do not know, maybe he has my dick or something fall. I looked over my shoulder, pretending to be interested in numbers, that s that are introduced into the computer, and even on the left side of my face touch next to his, but he seemed not to notice. But I could look down Highs shirt and hairy chest beneath that, in his soft blue boxer. The only thing I had ever seen and it was pretty good was his deported big cock on the left side of his boxers. But it was not like I s had a real reason to be there, so I went back to the TV. 09 Shortly after the clock started, things are closed on your side of space , light and computer off. Finally came to with the fingertips almost to the ceiling and then left to me. " Will you stay ? " I do not know what to say. If yes, then he said he was 'll go to bed.. without me. But then on the other hand, if I said no, then that is expected to go really know the cause I was tired I would go to bed. I got up and began to turn off the light and stammered Pedo Toplist : ". Not know" This made ​​him laugh and took me in his arms and hugged me. that s was the kind of thing long ago. My head was under the chin, and said : "My God... only three weeks and studying !Are you ready ? "I his cock through his boxers could feel pressure against my abdomen, was not very smooth, but was far from hard. I laughed, " more than ready for him! It is becoming sooo cool, high school! " Then, as I felt like I was going to leave me, I blurted out," About this morning! " He paused a second and then said," Yes.. sex? Not a... " " Can we do it again? " I thought this was my one time, and I talk too fast. " I mean, I know you are my father and all, but I really loved it, and I know I can not tell anyone, and I always wanted to do Pedo Toplist that stuff with you! "I took a deep breath. " So we were going to do ? " On the positive side his cock had gotten a little thicker. After a few seconds I had his arms outstretched and looked at me. " You sure you want that? " " Yes, I really am! "I was bouncing on my toes, in fact, my happy Dance puppy. That always makes him laugh. grabbed me and took me to him again and rocked mereturn. " Argggg Calm down ! You, Kiddo and listen ! " I stopped bouncing and at him. " This is an experiment to stop any time if you want to stop us, that to get," "Yes, sir," said softly, " think only because I love you more than anything else and I not want to be strange things among us. "
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